Frequently Asked Questions

A group purchasing organization (GPO) is an organization designed to enable groups of independent customers, like charter schools, to combine their purchasing power to negotiate discounts with vendors.  GPO members have access to these deals and can purchase the same way they always have, only at a lower cost.  

To become a BuyQ member simply sign up on our website. All charter schools are eligible.

Purchasing through a BuyQ contract has many benefits. First, you’ll enjoy significant discounts on the products and services needed to run your charter school, as well as other benefits specifically designed for charter schools, like free shipping, extra discounts for new schools, volume-based discounts, and extended payment terms. Because BuyQ fully vets our vendors and negotiates the contracts on your behalf through an open and competitive RFP process, you also save time and can feel confident you are spending your dollars wisely. Finally, as a BuyQ purchaser, you can rely on BuyQ as your buying advocate. If you find that you need assistance resolving an issue with a BuyQ vendor, BuyQ will be available to assist you and advocate on your behalf.

No. Participation in BuyQ’s group purchasing contracts is completely voluntary and you are not required to use BuyQ contracts exclusively in order to access them.   

Yes.  You must register directly with each vendor and affiliate to their unique BuyQ contract to access your discounts and other benefits. The registration and affiliation process varies by vendor but is generally quick and easy.  Visit Browse Vendors to learn how to affiliate to each contract. In most cases, you can do so through the vendor’s website. Or, you may need to call the vendor contact provided.

Yes. Multiple representatives from your charter school can register as a BuyQ member.