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About BuyQ

BuyQ is the only group purchasing organization devoted specifically to charter and private schools. Originally founded in 2012 as an initiative of the Colorado League of Charter Schools, BuyQ is now an independent, mission-driven company focused on serving schools throughout the country. BuyQ’s experience, knowledge, and passion for the distinct needs of charter and private schools and their students sets us apart from other group purchasing organizations. Meet our team.

BuyQ leverages the combined purchasing power of 4,000+ schools to deliver significant savings and other benefits specifically for charter and private schools. In coordination with a committee of school representatives, BuyQ selects group purchasing vendors through an open and competitive RFP process that ensures charter and private schools receive the greatest value available on the national market and the lowest possible total cost of ownership without sacrificing quality and service.

At BuyQ, we put the needs of charter and private schools and their students ahead of everything else in all that we do. That includes adhering to a strict code of conduct that governs our contracting process. This ensures that our awarded vendors have been selected according to ethical purchasing standards that put schools first.



The Colorado League of Charter Schools launches its first ever "purchasing program" aimed at helping its member school save on costs related to running their schools.


The purchasing program turned into a national effort and was taken private and spun off from the CO League of Charter Schools by co-founders and husband and wife team: Marco & Christine Rafanelli. 



Now a standalone company, the name "BuyQ" is adopted and continues to capture the ethos of strategic "high IQ" purchasing!


BuyQ continues to add quality suppliers to its list of group purchasing contracts (Completebook, Grainger, etc.)



BuyQ adds Private Schools to it's participant base, expanding based on the expertise and success of the program within the charter community.


Today BuyQ serves over 4,000+ school participants

Over $25M in savings for schools each year.