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How group purchasing works

Independent buyers join a "group"

At BuyQ our group is participating charter and private schools - today over 4,000+

Total purchasing power is leveraged

The purchasing capabilities of the full group (all participating schools) are pooled 

Pricing & benefits are negotiated

Through national, competitive, and EDGAR-compliant RFPs, BuyQ sources pricing and benefits from suppliers based on the total purchasing potential of participating schools

Schools purchasing from supplier using GPO contract

Once a contract has been awarded, your school still purchases directly from the supplier (just at a discount!). Learn more about accessing your benefits here.

Helping you maximize your spend

When schools save money, students win. That’s why BuyQ is working to drive down operating costs for charter and private schools across the country. We do this through group purchasing that pools together the collective "buying power" of our school participants.


Why purchase through our contracts?

Our suppliers know charter & private schools

Our vendors work with charter and private schools every day and can help you make smart decisions within your budget. We are very rigorous in our RFP selection process and highly value vendors who truly know schools like yours!

You save money on regular purchases!

By leveraging the combined purchasing power of 4,000+ schools, we’ve negotiated discounts of up to 85% off retail and other benefits (i.e. free next-day shipping and extended payment terms) that you just won’t get buying on your own.

You save time and resources

BuyQ’s vendors are selected through an open, competitive RFP process and are vetted by a national committee of charter and private school representatives to save you administrative time and resources. Only go out to bid when you have to for specialty items and let us do the rest on your behalf.


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