CMO Health Benefits Program

Strategic Health Benefits Management for CMOs

Rising employee health benefit costs represent one of the greatest risks to CMO sustainability, threatening teacher recruitment and retention and forcing cuts in mission-critical programs. Despite this, our research indicates that most CMOs do not have a long-term plan in place to manage this critical area and agree that better management could lead to cost savings.

To help CMOs take a more strategic approach to employee health benefits, BuyQ has partnered with HUB International’s charter school practice to offer a CMO-focused solution that offers:

  • A consultative, data-driven approach based on your CMO’s unique characteristics and strategic human resources goals
  • Innovative cost control measures that target true drivers of health insurance premium increases
  • Access to the National CMO Employee Captive – a first of its kind risk-sharing captive exclusively for self-funded CMOs

How much could your CMO save?

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CMO employee health benefits program