How It Works

BuyQ exists to save charter and private schools time and money. More than 4,100 schools currently purchase through the BuyQ program. That gives us tremendous buying power which we use to negotiate discounts of up to 85% and other benefits from top national vendors. Individual schools can then purchase directly from our awarded vendors, only with better pricing and benefits. And, because all BuyQ’s vendors are selected through a competitive, EDGAR-compliant RFP process, you can save your school valuable time while remaining compliant.

The best part? The BuyQ program is free for schools. There is no obligation of any kind. And you can purchase directly from our awarded vendors, as much or as little as you like.

Join 4,100+ charter and private schools already saving through BuyQ’s group purchasing program!

Access Your BuyQ Benefits


Fill out the registration form here and start browsing our contracts by vendor.


Affiliate to a vendor contract by following the instructions provided on each vendor webpage. Or, reach out to us to learn more.


Start buying! After you have connected with a vendor representative and affiliated to our contract, you will be able to access pre-negotiated savings and other charter-specific benefits directly.

Have a question?  Send us an email or call us at (833) 476-2897.