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Marco Rafanelli

Co-Founder, COO and Chief Product Officer


Marco Rafanelli is a leader and social entrepreneur focused on helping charter schools direct more money to the classroom by becoming more efficient and effective operators. He has been serving charter schools for over ten years, first as the Director of Member Business Services at the Colorado League of Charter Schools and now as the Co-founder, COO and Chief Product Officer at BuyQ. He brings deep experience in procurement best practices to his role, having begun his career at Acurity (formerly GYNHA Services), a healthcare supply chain company in New York, where he managed a products and services portfolio with gross sales exceeding $50 million. Marco led the launch of and currently serves as Board Chair of CharterChoice, a Collaborative School Food Authority which ensures over 5,000 public school students have access to healthy food. Marco received his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and his MBA from the University of Denver.

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