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Enjoy up to a 50%+ discount off all titles of books and ebooks in’s extensive catalog. will offer added discounts for BuyQ participants depending on the size of the bulk order

*Bulk discounting typically starts with orders of 10 copies or more of any individual title




Free shipping on all domestic orders over $30.

Participant rebate: Schools will receive a rebate on annual purchases exceeding a certain threshold (for more rebate details, please contact us)

New and expanding schools are eligible for extended payment terms. *Longer payment terms are negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

Free warehouse and mailroom services including “kitting” and classroom set(s) organizing & packaging.


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How to access your savings

You can access your BuyQ benefits by

  1. Logging into your online account via the BuyQ / Completebook online portal. This will auto-enroll you into our program and you will have access to discounts and benefits.
You can get setup on our program by:
  1. Signing up via the BuyQ / Completebook online registration portal. After registering simply begin shopping and have access to your pre-negotiated pricing and benefits!



Start saving today on your books and ebooks 

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