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Facilities and Operations.

Your complete maintenance solution in one place.

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Contract Highlights


Savings & Rebates


Steep discounts off of the top 440+ core K-12 items

Added minimum discount off of Grainger Contract Reference Price

Additional volume-based discounts on large orders

Free shipping on most orders

*Online Purchase Rebate Incentive: Schools that make the majority of their purchases online can now earn up to 1% cash back

*Account Growth Rebate Incentive: Schools that spend more with Grainger this year than they did last year can earn up to 4% cash back


Additional Benefits


Access to 1.5 million products from 5,000 suppliers

Online purchasing solutions, including mobile app and eProcurement connections

Inventory management solutions

Technical product support

Educational resources

Dedicated account management access


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How to access your savings

You can access your BuyQ benefits one of several ways:

  1. Request to be affiliated with the BuyQ contract by reaching out to Dave Joyce at

  2. Setup a call with BuyQ and we will work with Grainger on your behalf to ensure your school has access to our program

You can access your BuyQ benefits one of two ways:

  1. Access our contract directly and begin making purchases online with Grainger.

  2. Setup a call with BuyQ and we will work with Grainger on your behalf to ensure your school has access to our program

Why Grainger

Grainger helps schools take costs out of their operations while managing their facilities by focusing on four key areas:

  1. How you purchase supplies: its starts with purchasing less, buying only what you need, when you need it. Standardizing products and reducing suppliers also helps improve the purchasing process.
  2. How you manage inventory: Grainger can help you determine what’s the right amount of critical inventory items so you have what you need, when and where you need it, saving you money, time and space.
  3. How you manage safety: Grainger has the products, services and resources to help keep you students and faculty safe. Get the safety solutions you need to help reduce injuries, facilitate compliance, manage risk and increase productivity.
  4. How you operate sustainably: Grainger offers environmentally preferable solutions to help you manage your energy consumption, conserve water, reduce waste and improve air quality.

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