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What is a group purchasing?

Group purchasing is a purchasing strategy designed to enable groups of independent buyers with similar needs to combine their purchasing power to get discounts and other benefits on the goods and services they buy. Group purchasing organizations, or GPOs, manage the group purchasing process and negotiate contracts with vendors on behalf of the buyers they represent. A group purchasing contract is simply the agreed upon pricing and other benefits available to GPO participants through a GPO-selected vendor.

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Access savings and benefits from top suppliers based on the combined purchasing power of thousands of charter schools.

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Announcing New Private School Group Purchasing Program

We’re leveraging our experience and the success of our charter school group purchasing program to help private schools as well. This new program will focus on the needs of private schools while increasing the buying power for all BuyQ participants! Read more about this exciting news and our mission to help schools across the country get the most out of their purchasing dollars.

Let's hear from some charter leaders:

“Besides cost savings and the quality of their vendors, BuyQ saves us a tremendous amount of time, because we don’t have to do an RFP and they negotiate pricing on our behalf.”

– Katrina Conley, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer at Citizens of the World Los Angeles

“I really enjoyed being part of the RFP committee. BuyQ’s RFP process is extremely thorough, and they really understand the needs of charter schools.”

– Sarah Campbell, Senior Managing Director of Programs at EQUITY Education

“ If you have a question about a purchase, BuyQ will get an answer. You know you’re going to get what you’re buying, and if you don’t, that you have an intermediary to make sure you’re satisfied.”

-Chad Miller, Chief Business Officer, High Point Academy, Aurora, CO

What’s new for BuyQ?

New Vendor Alert!

BuyQ is excited to introduce our newest awarded vendor,! BuyQ selected in the “Books and eBooks” category following a competitive RFP based on the combined purchasing power of our 4,100+ charter school participants.

Monitor & Control Spending

Features of PEX, including receipt capture and robust spend controls

A simple way to manage staff and control teacher and staff purchases, gain greater insight into where money was spent, eliminate processing thousands of reimbursements, and limit vendor spending to approved vendors.

CMO Health Benefits Survey

Rising health benefit costs are eroding total teacher compensation and eating into budgets for other mission-critical areas at charter schools across the country. Those are the startling findings from Condition Critical, a new report by BuyQ based on a national survey of charter management organizations.

BuyQ Resource Center

Expert advice, tips and best practices on charter school purchasing and procurement.