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BuyQ Awards New Group Purchasing Agreement to Completebook.com

Denver, CO – BuyQ, the only group purchasing organization devoted specifically to charter schools, today announced the award of a new group purchasing agreement in the “books and e-books” category to Completebook.com, a leading online reseller of books, e-books, journals, and publications in all formats. Through the new agreement, charter schools across the country will receive discounts of up to 52% off on Completebook.com’s extensive catalog of over 18 million titles and other exclusive benefits.

BuyQ selected Completebook.com following an open and competitive request for proposals (RFP) based on the combined purchasing power of BuyQ’s 3,500+ current charter school participants. RFP responses were evaluated by a committee of charter school instructional leaders and the resulting contract offers charter schools a new EDGAR-compliant option in this important category.

“Completbook.com distinguished themselves in the market because of their extensive catalogue, extremely competitive pricing, strong e-commerce platform, and their deep commitment to customer service,” said Marco Rafanelli, Co-Founder and CEO of BuyQ. “We are excited to bring this new offering to our charter school members.”

Charter schools who purchase through the contract will now enjoy a number of exclusive benefits, including:

  • Discount pricing: Up to 52% off all books and e-books, plus additional discounts on bulk orders.
  • Free shipping: Free shipping on all domestic orders over $30.
  • BuyQ participation rebate: Schools will receive a 1% rebate on annual purchases exceeding $25,000.
  • Extended school payment terms: New and expanding schools are eligible for extended payment terms of net 60 days.
  • Longer payment terms are negotiable on a case-by-case basis.
  • Free warehouse and mailroom services: Free warehouse and mailroom services including “kitting” and classroom set(s) organizing & packaging.

“We are thrilled to have been selected by BuyQ and look forward to helping their charter school members design and outfit the perfect libraries for their students,” said Peter Coomaraswamy, CEO of Completebook.com. “Whether schools prefer to order straight from our website or by phone working with one of our customer service representatives, no matter if it’s 100 copies of a single title or just one copy of that hard-to-find niche publication, customer satisfaction will always be our number one priority.”

To access their special pricing and benefits, charter schools can visit www.completebook.com/buyq/account-register and start shopping immediately.

ABOUT BUYQ BuyQ is the only group purchasing organization devoted specifically to charter schools. By leveraging the combined purchasing power of 3,500+ charter schools, BuyQ delivers significant savings and other benefits on the products and services needed to run your charter school. Learn more at buyq.org.

ABOUT COMPLETEBOOK.COM Austin TX, based Completebook.com is dedicated to providing its customers with the very best in procurement services, pricing and delivery times for books, e-books, journals, databases and publications in all formats. While Completebook.com’s online presence is state-of-the-art, its company philosophy is grounded in personalized customer service.

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