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Episode #17 - Getting the people right as you scale with Jason Watts, Founder/CEO of Scholarship Prep and Jason Sitomer, Managing Director of Finance at Charter Impact

Episode #17 - Getting the people right as you scale with Jason Watts, Founder/CEO of Scholarship Prep and Jason Sitomer, Managing Director of Finance at Charter Impact



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In this conversation, Jason Watts, CEO of Scholarship Prep Charter Schools, and Jason Sitomer, Managing Director of Charter Impact, discuss the challenges and strategies of hiring as an organization scales. They emphasize the importance of hiring experts and thoroughly vetting candidates, as well as tailoring interview questions to align with the organization's mission and culture. They also highlight the need to be comfortable growing into the unknown and making budgeting decisions based on realistic projections. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights for leaders navigating the hiring process during periods of growth. The conversation explores the challenges and strategies of running a charter school organization. The guests discuss the importance of having boots on the ground to ensure program implementation and replication. They also emphasize the need for school leaders to think like business owners and consider financial sustainability. Additionally, they highlight the significance of tailoring approaches for each position and location to meet specific needs. Lastly, they discuss the preparation required for adding new campuses and the importance of expertise and continuity in financial management.


  • Hiring experts and thoroughly vetting candidates is crucial for successful scaling.
  • Tailoring interview questions to the organization's mission and culture helps in making informed hiring decisions.
  • Being comfortable with the unknown and making budgeting decisions based on realistic projections are essential for growth.
  • Outsourcing certain functions can provide scalability and continuity in expertise. Having boots on the ground is crucial for successful program implementation and replication in charter schools.
  • School leaders should think like business owners and consider financial sustainability to ensure the long-term success of their organizations.
  • Tailoring approaches for each position and location is essential to meet the specific needs of the community.
  • Proper preparation, including expertise and continuity in financial management, is necessary when adding new campuses to a charter school organization..



Learn more about Scholarship Prep Schools: https://scholarshipschools.org/

Learn more about Charter Impact: https://www.charterimpact.com/




00:00 Introductions and Background

04:34 Factors to Consider in Hiring for Scalability

07:23 Background of Scholarship Prep Charter Schools

08:54 Vision for Scholarship Prep as a Network of Schools

11:03 In-House vs. Outsourced Hiring

23:40 Recommendation: Thoroughly Vet Candidates

27:55 Recommendation: Tailor Interview Questions

28:27 Recommendation: Be Comfortable Growing into the Unknown

30:23 Importance of Boots on the Ground

31:48 Operating Like an Owner

38:20 Taking a Unique Approach for Each Position and Location

42:36 Preparing for Additional Growth




Jason Sitomer

Experienced Director of Finance, Analytics, and Business Development with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Marketing Strategy. Strong business development professional who graduated from Pepperdine University, The George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management.


Jason Watts:

Co-Founder and Executive Director at Scholarship Prep Public Schools. Scholarship Prep is a transitional kindergarten through eighth grade, comprehensive public charter school organization with locations in Santa Ana, Wilmington/South Bay, and Oceanside, California, and a data-driven emphasis on making a dramatic and sustainable impact on all students. 




Daniel Casselli is a life-long learner whose passion for education has driven his professional endeavors. He is a former classroom teacher and youth ministry director whose entrepreneurial spirit landed him in the world of education technology. At EVERFI Inc., Daniel helped run the business development efforts for EVERFI’s Financial Education Program and the company was eventually sold to Blackbaud for $750M in 2021. Shortly before EVERFI’s acquisition, Daniel joined Class Technologies as one of the earliest sales hires and went on to lead K12 Enterprise Sales and helped the company land its first 100+ K12 customers across public, charter, and private schools. Daniel brings his unique experiences to BuyQ where he is focused on growth, operational excellence, business strategy, and client satisfaction. He is a graduate of Grove City College where he studied Religion and History. 


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