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Episode #19 - Developing shared language amongst your leadership team with Chad Miller

Episode #19 - Developing shared language amongst your leadership team with Chad Miller






In this conversation, Chad Miller, CEO of Pinnacle Charter School, discusses the importance of developing shared language among leaders in an organization. He emphasizes the role of leadership in creating a common understanding and aligning teams towards a shared goal. Miller highlights the challenges of language barriers and the negative consequences of not having shared language, such as exclusion and confusion. He shares his experience in bridging the gap between different departments and fostering collaboration. Miller also discusses the use of norms, dashboards, and accountability to drive organizational alignment and performance. He recommends grounding oneself in values and using resources like the book 'Monday Morning Leadership' and 'The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace' to develop shared language and improve leadership skills.


  • Developing shared language is crucial for aligning teams and achieving organizational goals.
    Language barriers can lead to exclusion and confusion within an organization.
  • Leaders should bridge the gap between different departments and foster collaboration.
  • Norms, dashboards, and accountability are effective tools for driving organizational alignment and performance.
  • Grounding oneself in values and using resources like books can help develop shared language and improve leadership skills.


Book: Monday Morning Leadership

Book: The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace



00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage

03:52 Passion for Leadership and the Challenges

06:10 The Importance of Developing Shared Language

11:32 Challenges and Consequences of Not Having Shared Language

13:37 Developing Shared Language: Where to Begin

25:20 Trickling Down Shared Language in the Organization

28:42 Using Shared Language for Accountability

32:23 Recommended Resources and Closing



Chad Miller is the Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Charter School in Federal Heights and Thornton, Colorado.  Chad has been with the Pinnacle for over seven years and has been a champion of improving school culture for both students and staff. 

Before working in education, Chad worked in both commercial finance as well as student loan finance.  During that time, he served as a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters and discovered his passion for working with youth and supporting students.  This sparked Chad’s career in the education field where he has served students in roles such as Director of Communication Channels, Assistant Dean of the School of Applied Technology, Assistant Dean of the School of Professional and Economic Development, and Executive Director of Development with Salt Lake Community College.  Before joining the Pinnacle, Chad served as the Chief Business Officer of High Point Academy helping the school reach a performance rating while always maintaining a solid fiscal foundation for over four years.

Chad Miller is originally from Norfolk, Nebraska, and obtained his Master of Business Administration degree from Ottawa University in 2007. Mr. Miller is currently finishing his doctoral degree in Educational Leadership through the CU Denver School of Education. Chad has two children who have been students in Colorado charter schools and his wife, JoAnne, also serves the education community as a Vice President for Front Range Community College.  



Daniel Casselli is a life-long learner whose passion for education has driven his professional endeavors. He is a former classroom teacher and youth ministry director whose entrepreneurial spirit landed him in the world of education technology. At EVERFI Inc., Daniel helped run the business development efforts for EVERFI’s Financial Education Program and the company was eventually sold to Blackbaud for $750M in 2021. Shortly before EVERFI’s acquisition, Daniel joined Class Technologies as one of the earliest sales hires and went on to lead K12 Enterprise Sales and helped the company land its first 100+ K12 customers across public, charter, and private schools. Daniel brings his unique experiences to BuyQ where he is focused on growth, operational excellence, business strategy, and client satisfaction. He is a graduate of Grove City College where he studied Religion and History. 


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